Multiple Customization Options Available

MYNT EYE can be customized in depth from multiple dimensions such as baseline, lens, and SDK to help accelerate the process of product release.

Custom Baseline

Customization of fixed-length or variable baselines to help you easily handle scenarios and product shapes with different depth requirements.

Changeable Lens

Adapt to different environmental variables by changing lenses with different parameters to meet your needs in different scenarios

Flexible Hardware Solution Options

The optional IMU, IR active light and other hardware solutions can help you maximize cost performance of your products and accelerate the process of product release.

Customized SDK

Adapt the best SDK solution based on your application platform and system to provide stable and reliable data output and application interface

Algorithm Solution Customization

We can also provide you with well-developed supplementary algorithm solutions according to the different application scenarios of the products. Please visit the inquiry page for details.

Multi-plan Fusion

We can also provide you a fusion module with multiple technical solutions and intricate customization according to the target scenario to meet the needs of complex usage scenarios.

Demand consultation

We provide batch customization service for the hardware of binocular cameras. You can tell us what you need and we will realize it for you.

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