What Can We Provide?

By combining our team’s twenty years experience on stereo camera, our preparatory global optimization algorithms for depth calculation, infrared active structure light, and motion sensors, we are able to create a depth sensing unit that gives you

20yrs experienceon stereo camera

Preparatory GO algorithm for depth

Preparatory GO algorithm for depth

Infrared structure light

high frame rate real-time (over 60 frames/second)

sub-pixel disparity accuracy

working in both indoor and outdoor, dark or bright

sensitive to rotation

ideal for navigation and obstacle avoidance for any robots, drones, automatous vehicles, and VR/AR applications.

Comprehensive System /Framework Support

What makes MYNT EYE really stand out is our SDK. Our SDK makes MYNT EYE support the broadest operating systems and frameworks for your development.

Windows Installation

Linux Installation

ROS Installation

OpenCV Installation

Mac Installation

Android Installation

NVIDIA Jetson platform

NVIDIA CUDA accleration

Flexible and Complete SDK

With our SDK you will be able to get

  • point cloud

  • depth images

  • disparity images

  • corrected stereo

  • original binocular

In addition you can also access

IMU data

device information

image calibration data

With SDK you also have full control of our MYNT EYE camera: you can set

frame rate

motion sensor data rate

image resolution


enable or disable IR

我们SDK最棒的部分是我们对于最广泛的开源SLAM 项目的支持。我们建立接口,使我们的双目摄像头支持 ORB SLAM, OKVIS, VINS, VIORB,Maplab X……我们会继续增加对其他SLAM的支持。





We leverage NVIDIA GPU and CUDA to accelerate many of our computations, in particularly, the disparity calculation. You will get the highest frame rate real-time depth and point cloud data on NVIDIA GPUs with CUDA acceleration.

We believe NVIDIA Jetson platform and our MYNTeye are the best couples for robot development, that’s why we offer our best integration with NVIDIA Jetson platform. It is very convenient to develop your projects on NVIDIA Jetson platform with MYNTeye. With our SDK for NVIDIA Jetson platform, you will be able to develop all kinds of applications, not limited to VSLAM, to name a few: 3D face recognition, object detection, 3D metrology, ADAS…

3D face recognition

object detection

3D metrology


Experience Now

Here is our MYNTeye SDK 2.0 GitHub page where you can download our SDK, find our online documentation, and access our online support forum. For hardware, software, libraries, tools and developer documentation of TX1, TX2 and other NVIDIA products, feel free to check out NVIDIA Download Center.

New Release S1030-IR

MYNT EYE Standard

Designed for Visual SLAM, Make Digital Come to Life

Built-in IMU/ Ir Active Light/rich Slam Open Source Samples / Cuda Acceleration / Multi-Platform Sdk

New Release D1000-IR-120/RGB   D1000-IR-50/RGB


Integrates deep computing capabilities for higher depth and accuracy

Deep Computing Chip / IMU / IR Active Light / RGB Lens / Higher Resolution and Frame Rate / Color Object Recognition

MN 01

The MN-01 is an open source vSLAM development platform. It includes Stereo Camera, move base, NVIDIA Tegra TX2, and rich expansion interfaces. This product enable you to start developing your own robot in a super quick way.

Coming soon......

Jetson TX2
Development Kit

A complete TX2 Development Kit is included.

The module comes fully configured with NVIDIA TX2 to help you get started quickly.

Hardware Features:

  • >> NVIDIA Pascal Architecture GPU
  • >> Dual-Core Denver 2 64-bit CPU + Quad-CoreARM A57 Complex
  • >> 8 GB L128 bit DDR4 Memory
  • >> 32 GB eMMC 5.1 Flash Storage
  • >> Connectivity to 802.11ac WLAN and Bluetooth-Enabled Devices
  • >> 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet
  • >> Power On/Off
  • >> Reset
  • >> Force Recovery
  • >> Video - 4k x 2k 60Hz Encode [HEVC] 4k x 2k 60Hz Decode [12-Bit Support]
  • >> CSI - Up to 6 Cameras [2 lane] CSI2 D-PHY 1.2 [2.5 Gbps/Lane]
  • >> User-DefinedPower Options
  • >> USB 3.0 Type A
  • >> USB 2.0 Micro AB (supports recovery and host mode)
  • >> USB 2.0 Micro AB (supports recovery and host mode)
  • >> HDMI 2.0 / 2x DSI, 2x DP 1.2 / eDP 1.4
  • >> M.2 Key E
  • >> PCI-E x4
  • >> Gigabit Ethernet
  • >> Full-Size SD
  • >> SATA Data and Power
  • >> GPIOs, I2C, I2S, SPI, CAN*
  • >> TTL UART with Flow Control
  • >> Display Expansion Header*
  • >> Camera Expansion Header*

* I/O expansion headers: refer to product documentation for header specification.

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