Ideal for total solutions to stereo vision technology, including navigation, obstacle avoidance, mapping, ranging, etc.
We support multiple open source SLAM projects such as VINS, OKVIS, ORB_SLAM2, VIORB, etc.
The system supported by the SDK is Windows 10、Ubuntu 14.04/16.04/18.04、ROS indigo/kinetic/melodic、Android 7.0+; the supported hardware platforms include PC, TX1/TX2 and other ARM architecture platforms.
The main function of the SDK is to transmit and separate binocular images, transmit imu data, calculate disparity images, depth images, and provide ROS Wrapper; the SDK itself is completely open source, but MYNTAI also provides some auxiliary plug-ins (such as CUDA computation depth), these plug-ins are not open source.
The S series only provides black and white images,and the Standard Color provides color images, and the D series provides 720P/480P color images and depth images.
It is hardware synchronization and relies on a time system with microsecond accuracy.
A separate image parameter calibration is performed for each binocular before leaving the factory.
The accuracy of 0.7m-3m can reach 95%, and the accuracy of 3m-5m can reach 99%.
This series of binocular cameras has a case; in addition, the binoculars are equipped with an IR light active emitter, which is mainly used to add texture features to planes without obvious texture features (such as white wall surface), which is beneficial for depth calculation.

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