Integrates depth computing capabilities for higher depth and accuracy

Integrated Depth Computing Chip

Terminal application with deep computing power

Recommended application scenarios

Multiple lens options

10m recognition

No depth data can be output without host computer

Integrated depth computing chip

Providing data correction for SLAM algorithm

IMU six axis sensor

Providing color object recognition capability

More suitable for 3D obstacle avoidance

Infrared structured light, capable of identifying indoor white walls

IR active lingt

Reduce image distortion during high-speed mobile shooting

Global Shutter

Provide indoor and outdoor automatic sensitization and adjustment

Automatic white balance

Hardware-level binocular frame synchronization

Binocular frame synchronization

SDK can adapt to multiple platforms and provide various tools

Multi-platform SDK

Sturdy and durable with standard 1/4” screw joints

Aluminum alloy shel

Complete technical support and technical exchange group

Local technical support
*Different versions are designed to adapt to different application scenarios. To achieve the best effect, the equipped hardware may vary. For details, please refer to the product specifications.



Binocular stereoscopic perception mobile module custom-made for Android mobile phones

Integrated depth computing to explore the 3D world

The MYNT EYE D-Series has a built-in chip that can be used in depth computing, and it comes with three optional lens schemes to offer a broader range of depth recognition and accuracy level and provide higher adaptability for the acquisition of 3D spatial information, allowing it to play a bigger role in application scenarios like 3D measurement, 3D recognition, 3D navigation, and obstacle avoidance.

Depth Recognition

Depth Error

Maximum Frame Rate

Image Accuracy

10 m is the maximum recognition distance for the MYNT EYE Depth 50° version, and 7 m is the maximum recognition distance for the 120° version. See the product parameter table for details.

10 m is the maximum recognition distance for the MYNT EYE Depth 50° version, and 7 m is the maximum recognition distance for the 120° version. See the product parameter table for details.

Integration of Multiple Solutions

Focus is on binocular vision with the integration of solutions like IMU and structured light to provide the most cost-effective positioning and navigation solution that defines the future trend of binocular cameras.

Extraordinary Chips Create Integrated Intelligence

MYNT EYE D-Series integrates various cutting-edge hardware solutions and the calibrations shall be conducted when the product leaves the factory to ensure the stability and reliability of its quality.

  • Depth Computing Chips

  • 6 axis IMU sensor

  • IR Active Light

  • Global Shutter

  • Binocular Frame Synchronization

Depth Computing Chips

MYNT EYE D-Series has a powerful internal chip built in that can complete binocular depth computing at the device end without having to rely on the GPU/CPU at the terminal. It can output the binocular depth image directly on its own to provide a better-integrated hardware solution for the technological development and application in visual processing field.

Integrated IMU Made for Visual SLAM

MYNT EYE D-series has a built-in six-axis IMU sensor. By utilizing the complementarity of binocular and IMU data, it can provide data correction for the development of visual and spatial motion algorithms. The synchronization accuracy of IMU and image is up to 0.01ms. It can help reduce the development cycle of high-precision visual SLAM algorithms and spatial motion tracking algorithms. It is a high-quality hardware solution for visual SLAM with higher precision, lower cost and simple layout in visual SLAM research. Binocular + IMU is also the standard hardware solution for visual odometer (VIO) research.

With IMU or Not

With IMU


With IMU



IR Active Light

Optimized for indoor scenarios, the MYNT EYE D-Series has two built-in IR active lights, can effectively enhance the recognition accuracy for white walls and untextured objects, offers more accurate image source for indoor environments recognition and algorithms develpment of visual SLAM, and also can be used in dark environments.

With IR Active Light or Not






IR-CUT filter

The built-in IR-CUT filter with precise infrared bands control is specially designed for outdoor application scenarios. It can filter out the infrared rays with a wavelength longer than 760 nm to enhance the passing efficiency of visible light, and significantly improve the contrast of the pictures to provide more accurate image sources for the 3D perception in the outdoor environment.

With IR-CUT or Not






Global Shutter

The MYNT EYE D-Series (50°& 120°) uses Global Shutter, which enables simultaneous exposure of all the pixels of the two cameras, which can effectively reduce image distortion and provide more accurate image sources in high-speed moving.

Global Shutter

Rolling Shutter

Binocular Frame Synchronization

Supported by high-precision chips, MYNT EYE D-Series ensure the same frame for images captured on both cameras, which can provide accurate data for the development of the visual SLAM algorithm, and reduce errors caused by unsynchronized images.


More Application Possibilities to Explore A New World

MYNT EYE D-Series has an open SDK and supports many other mainstream platforms. With the perfect integration of hardware and software, it can help you develop applications for different fields more effortlessly.

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Binocular Applications - Positioning and Navigation

  • Service Robots

  • Drones

  • AGV

  • VR/AR

  • Other Self-Moving Devices

Service Robots




Other Self-Moving Devices

Binocular Applications - Measurement

Volume Measurement



Binocular Applications - Recognition

Gesture Recognition

Facial Recognition

Object Recognition

Product Structure of MYNT EYE D-Series

D1000-IR-120/ColorD1000-50/ColorProduct Structure

D1200Product Structure