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Binocular Frame Synchronization,6 Axis IMU Sensor, Automatic Indoor and Outdoor ISO Adjustment

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* MYNT EYE STANDARD is equipped with monochrome camera. All colored images are design effects for reference.

See the world with our own eyes

With automatic white balance and exposure, MYNT EYE (binocular cameras) can adapt to environment like human eyes, providing clear images for visual algorithms. This also makes the development of visual calculation applications much easier.

  • 752x480/50

    Stereo resolution at high frame rate
  • 120°

    Field of view
  • 1-20m

    Depth of field
  • 120mm

    Baseline length


We also provides MYNT EYE STANDARD IR Version, which enhances recognition accuracy for white wall and untextured objects, and offers more accurate image source for indoor environment recognition and algorithms development of visual SLAM.

IR Version has different specifications from the standard version, including visual angle. For more details, please refer to the parameter table.

Further, wider, and clearer

MYNT EYE can recognize an environment from a 3D perspective. Its HD binocular cameras and 6-axis IMU sensor can accurately make out surrounding objects and its own tracks. With visual depth up to 20 meters and an angle of 120°, the binocular cameras are almost as powerful as human eyes.

Rapid and efficient recognition of the world

MYNT EYE has a refresh-rate of 50fps with resolution up to 1504x480, which can provide clear images for algorithmic research in facial recognition, object/moving object recognition, and object tracking.

Binocular frame synchronization

Supported by high-precision chips, MYNT EYE ensure the same frame for images captured on both cameras, which can provide accurate data for the development of the visual SLAM algorithm, and reduce errors caused by unsynchronized images.

Global Shutter

MYNT EYE employs Global Shutter, a technology to realize simultaneous exposure of all pixels of both cameras. In rapid-moving shooting scenarios, the technology can effectively reduce image distortion to provide more accurate images.

Rolling Shutter

Global Shutter

6-axis IMU sensor

The 6-axis IMU sensor embedded in MYNT EYE can provide data reconciliation for the development of visual SLAM and spatial moving algorithms, and shorten their development cycle.

Automatic indoor and outdoor ISO adjustment

Through the combination of HD cameras with photosensitive pixels of up to 6.0μm x 6.0μm in size and our unique intelligent exposure and white balance algorithms, MYNT EYE displays outstanding performance in both bright and dark environments. It can provide stable indoor and outdoor images for visual computing technology, expanding the product's applications.

Performance of infrared technology in strong light

Performance of visual technology in strong light

Light rays do not weaken in bright environment, like infrared rays Therefore, visual technology is unaffected by high light when moving between indoor and outdoor environments.


MYNT EYE has abundant application scenarios with unlimited imagination.


Visual core for drones

MYNT EYE can help drones to identify different objects, avoid obstacles, and realize safe flight. With 3D scanning and reconstruction, MYNT EYE makes it possible for drones to realize automatic flight and rapid returns. It also provides technical support to drones in cities, farms, lakes, and other environments.

Intelligent robots

"Eyes" for robots

MYNT EYE can replace traditional laser SLAM to provide visual solutions for intelligent robots in indoor locations and during navigation. vSLAM provides smart “eyes” for robots, and can be widely applied in commercial environments and homes.

Face/Object Recognition

Unlimited imagination

Wide application
1. Assist police in tracking criminals
2. Rapid and smart parcel picking by logistics robots
3. Rapid search of unknown areas
Apply your knowledge to unlock its unlimited potential!

Easy to integrate and develop

MYNT EYE provides open SDK so it can help you achieve more unexpected customization.

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